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Hi! My name is Alysha Jeney, MA, LMFT (She/Her/Hers). By trade, I am the Founder & Director of Modern Love Counseling and a Licensed Therapist. I am most passionate about self discovery and healing. I have dedicated my life to explore how our relationships to ourselves, as well as to each other have impacted our journeys in such profound ways. My work has evolved throughout the last decade and I now offer an elevated counseling approach to experienced couples and individuals looking to level up and deepen their healing process and connection. 

Alysha jeney

To some, it is important to know my professional credentials. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Metro State College of Denver and later earned my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado. I also have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

To others, it is important to know my personal experience. I have always been an old soul and sensitive person. Until recently, I didn’t know that I am within the 20% of the population that was born an HSP (highly sensitive person, ie: having a sensory processing sensitivity). I struggled tremendously throughout my life with my high sensitivity (and not understanding it), along with trauma stemming from neglect, abandonment, alcoholism, death and anxiety/depression. I experienced many toxic “romantic” relationships since the age of 10-years-old. As an adult, I became a mother in 2018, which was an unexpectedly challenging transition that nearly cost me my relationship of 15 years and threatened my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In a nutshell, my life hit an ultimate crisis filled with past and present turmoil. This later became my biggest gift in my healing journey and the most impactful learning lesson of all time. 

So, instead of hiding my story from potential clients or current ones, I embrace my messy journey and share it for all to know. It is crucial to normalize that everyone struggles. I once used to hide everything from everyone in fear of rejection. I used to feed my desire to be “perfect” in hopes that I could feel worthy of “love” (ie. Enmeshment and possession). I used to use my profession to avoid the pain I was feeling inside and escape into the responsible mode I had played since I was child. 

Talk about feeling like an imposture… 

It wasn’t until recently that I was able to connect all the dots of my own experience. I sort of woke up. I was able to apply what I had learned from self discovery (from my own therapy, EMDR, spiritual work, relationships, research, etc), and apply it in an entirely new way. I was actually able to find a genuine purpose in myself and meaning in my trauma and suffering for the first time in my life. I was able to filter my experiences and relationships through an entirely different lens; a lens that feels more curious, more grounded, more accepting and unconditionally loving. A lens that is more intentional and less reactive and automatic. I became able to break barriers internally that I had never been able to, work with my anxiety and sensory processing sensitivity without medication, and most importantly, I learned to stop blaming others. I stopped being obsessed with achieving fairness. I stopped holding myself and others to expectations that only my ego and inner child were capable of creating, yet were never reachable. 

I found wholeness.

I say “I found wholeness” verses saying “I am whole,” because wholeness and healing are a daily practice that each of us needs to dedicate our life to deepening and sustaining. Wholeness and healing are not a destination and are in fact an entire lifestyle

I want to help you find wholeness, too. 

My ideal clients are voyagers of their own self discovery and healing process. They are motivated to seek their internal answers and are ready to change habitual patterns in their life that are perpetuating pain from past wounds and ego. They crave a different way of living; a different way of seeing; a different way of connecting; a different way of feeling; a different way of loving. They crave healing and are motivated to restructuring the relationship to their own mind/body/spirit and (if applicable) to their partner. 

My ideal couples may find themselves at the brink of separating because their dysfunctional patterns and automatic reactions have taken over, but they are willing to try something different because they crave change and connection. My ideal couples may have done counseling individually or as a couple before, but are looking for a more elevated and guided approach to sustaining true change. My ideal couples are not stuck in blame or looking for a quick fix, they are looking to divorce or separate from their old way of being.  

My ideal clients are ready to take a radical approach at restructuring their lives from the inside out in order to heal.

My counseling approach is unique because I vow to bring my authentic self into our sessions. My authentic self is not constructed entirely from ego or psychopathology from my education; my authentic self is a wholeness that I have created throughout my life and now bravely allow to shine through. My authentic self meets you as a human first, while allowing my clinical knowledge to support your healing process as it see fits. I am most passionate about helping you transform the relationship with yourself, as well as the intimate relationships you surround yourself with.

You can expect our sessions to cut to the core of what is blocking you from feeling fulfilled and whole. This means you have most likely done a lot of self work already and/or feel like your life has hit a crisis point in which you are ready to embark in radical change. I will help in guiding you in your therapeutic healing process with warmth, understanding and encouragement. I will be directive, yet approachable. I will provide you with education and tools, but not flood you with information. I will hold you accountable, but always respectfully. I will meet you with unconditional respect. 

When I am not wearing my therapist hat, you will still find me pondering life’s purpose (HA.. seriously), meditating, reading or journaling. I have the most fun when I entertain guests, play games or prank my husband and daughter. I live for daily solitude/meditation, healthy food and cozy blankets.

I believe it is extremely important for the initial connection to start between client and therapist, so please feel free to contact me to set up a free over the phone consultation if you’d like to hear more about how I can support you.

Alysha jeney

Relationship & Intimacy Therapy

Self Growth& Restructuring life

I will help you (and your partner) build more self-awareness, trust and existential purpose. I believe our relationships are like mirrors, exposing pain from our past. I believe our partners are often our greatest teachers in helping us heal, if we choose to look inward instead of blame them for our ego’s unmet needs and expectations. I can support you in learning how to get back to the wholeness of your mind/body/spirit, which allows for true growth, healing and intimacy on a profound new level.  

My Specialties


Elevated Couples Therapy

For experienced couples in search of an elevated counseling experience. Couples will learn broader approaches to healing and intimacy. Couples will create self awareness and consciousness. They will learn to take accountability without shame or defensiveness. They will deepen their individual healing journeys through learning non-attachment, acceptance and trust in order to build a sacred bond and partnership. 



I can support you in creating a solo or shared “life audit” that propels you into a new, more authentic lifestyle. I can help you in building the awareness, tools and discipline to create true change outside of session. This approach is crucial in creating and sustaining healing and change. 


Finding purpose

Gain the guidance of exploring existential purpose and meaning. As a couple,  you will find your true authentic purpose, while aligning your values for shared goals and intentions. As an individual, you will also find your true authentic purpose, while learning how to nurture values, strengthen boundaries and create more meaning in your life. 

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