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Anxiety & Individual Therapy

Let's Talk about self worth

Hi! I am Christina Abood, MSW, LCSW (she/her/hers). I am most passionate about working with individuals to navigate dating and relationships struggles, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and relationship loss. We’ll start where you are, talk about what’s been happening in your life lately and how that’s been affecting you. You will have a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings as we work through understanding and healing your unprocessed emotions and past experiences. Together we will deepen your connection with yourself, strengthen self-trust and self-worth all while working towards the future you desire.

I grew up on the east coast and spent my high school years in the Midwest. I earned my undergraduate degree in Social Work from Southeast Missouri State University and master degree in Social Work from Saint Louis University. After visiting the Mile High City on vacation, the mountains called and I moved to Denver in 2018. When I’m not in the therapist chair, you can find me hiking up a mountain, roller skating in the park, geeking out on neuroscience, singing at a concert or listening to a podcast.

My ideal clients are curious, open-minded and motivated to create change in their lives. They are ready to step into their power even when they can’t see the next step yet. I believe effective therapy requires a combination of trust, warmth, directness, authenticity and humor. You can expect our sessions to be real, casual and supportive.

I am invested in helping you get to where you want to be by finding the root cause of what is happening. I am committed to you having lasting, meaningful change so you will gain practical and powerful tools to become more self-aware, work through anxious thoughts, unhelpful patterns or negative self talk and regulate your emotions in healthy ways.  I work alongside you to feel more grounded, present and connected in your life. We will work on self-confidence, self-trust, and setting boundaries so you feel empowered in your authenticity.

I guide my clients through their painful journey with support, compassion and clinically researched tools to help them retire and rewire their maladaptive coping mechanisms that have caused anxiety, depression and lack of self-esteem. I am also passionate about supporting my clients in rebuilding an attunement to their bodies and self. 

Have you ever heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as “tapping?”) Well, I know for one, I use this technique everyday to support me and my human experience. EFT consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through specific memories and/or a range of emotions.  I guide my client’s through a series of statements and tapping on meridian points to rewire the neural pathways. This rewrites the narrative or memory associated with any triggers or painful memories. It allows for full release of unhealthy thinking patterns and intrusive thoughts which offers you more supportive ways of moving through life and discomfort. 

Anxiety & Individual Counseling

Finding COmfort in your body

You may not even realize how much of your past experiences have impacted your mind, body and spirit. All you know is that you’re unhappy with yourself, the quality of your connections and are often crippled by anxiety and depression. You struggle with truly understanding how to love your self, your body and reframe your thoughts in order to experience unconditional love and self acceptance. You no longer have to life like this! In combination with a safe therapist and an openness to try different ways of being, you can find comfort in your body and experience balance in your life. You deserve to love yourself!

My Specialties


Emotional Freedom Techniques

Through identifying memories and emotions from past experiences, we will have  an understanding of what is causing anxiety, stress and overwhelm in your body/life. By then utilizing EFT (tapping), you’ll rewire numeral pathways that support you in rewriting automatic thoughts and anxiety.


Finding Yourself

I work alongside you to deepen your relationship with yourself so you can feel more grounded and present in your life more authentically. You’ll experience more self awareness, empowerment and feel self-trusting. 


Dating & Relationship Support

You’ll become more aware of your triggers, where they come from and how they have impacted your own narrative about yourself and others. This process will support you in relearning, trusting and building more safety in your own wisdom and voice. 

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This Gives Us A Chance To Talk About Some Of Your Goals And Ensure That I Am The Right Therapist To Help You Reach Them.