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Hi! I’m McKenna Paulsen, MA, LPC (She/Her) and I am a licensed counselor. To start, I love love. I am most passionate about empowering clients, raising self awareness, and helping them deepen their relationships. Throughout my work with couples I have helped clients navigate infidelity, parenthood, sexual and intimate desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, divorce, and various life stressors. I am an active counselor who will interact with you, provide feedback, and help you create new behavioral patterns in session.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Eastern Washington University and later earned my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Gonzaga University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have advanced training in sex therapy. My training in sex therapy allows me to help couple’s with all aspects of their relationship. For couples who enjoy a more practical approach, I am also Gottman level one certified. I would consider myself a straightforward and structured couples therapist. I will approach both of you with warmth and compassion, and will also be directive when emotions and reactions have taken over. This is where the work truly begins! 

My ideal clients are couples who deeply love each other yet struggle to create the relationship they dream of .They are motivated by their commitment to each other and seek to understand each other better. They are ready to address the difficult parts of their relationship in order to make it stronger.

I believe the quality of our relationships make the biggest impact on our quality of life. Helping a couple to have a stronger and healthier relationship  impacts everyone in their immediate community such as their children, family members, and friends. I also believe that healthy relationships can increase longevity, enhance work output,  and improve public health.

My counseling style is direct, transparent, intuitive and goal directed . I believe in creating a warm and safe space while also challenging you and facilitating change. I am not afraid to address conflict head on and love teaching couples how to navigate points of conflict in a healthy way. I am deeply passionate about helping people to transform their relationships. Through our work together, you will feel more connected to your partner, communicate more effectively, and create a better sex life. You will learn foundational habits that support healthy, fulfilling, long lasting relationships. Many of my techniques focus on addressing your emotions, thoughts, behaviors and your nervous system. You will walk away with greater self awareness, tools for emotional regulation, a deeper connection to both your body and your partner.

Expect me to be warm, authentic, and nonjudgmental. Therapy isn’t always easy but I am here to help empower and encourage you to live the life that is most rewarding for you.

Outside of sessions,  I spend my time training my two german shepherds, enjoying stand up comedy and weight lifting. I’ve also been known to win a few fantasy football leagues. I believe in living a healthy life and I enjoy studying the interrelationship of our emotional health with medicine, nutrition, and sleep.

If you are motivated to create change, contact me to schedule our first session. If you are a bit nervous about starting, reach out and we can set up a free consultation. Sessions are virtual allowing you and your partner to participate in therapy from anywhere. I am excited to work with you and navigate your journey together!

Sex & Couples Therapy

Resolve & Reconnect

I am able to support you with sexually related concerns and desires. I can also help navigate through life transitions such as premarital counseling, pregnancy, grief/loss, and infidelity recovery. For those who wish to separate, I will serve as a guide through a healthy/separation/divorce. I also have extensive experience in working with those in non-monogamous relationships. No matter the type of relationship, I’m here to provide guidance and support! 

My Specialties


Relationship counseling & Dating

Learn how to improve communication, create change and resolve reoccurring conflict. Learn to unite through life’s difficult life transitions, while creating  teamwork built on understanding and forgiveness. 


Sex Therapy

I help couples and individuals explore sex and sexuality in the context of self empowerment, pleasure and connection. I am a sex positive and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist. Cultivating a judgment-free zone to explore your sexuality, gender and intimate relationships. Whether your worries stem from desire discrepancies, insecurities, lack of boundaries, or sexual functioning, we’ll work to uncover your values and beliefs around sex in order to move toward a space of healing. 


Pregnancy & Parenthood

I can support you and your partner in navigating the pressures, fears and excitement of pregnancy and parenthood. Clients will learn how to feel more prepared, supported and understood through this very impactful right of passage. 

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