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Hi! My name is Chloé Miller, MA, LPCC (She/Her), I’m a Trauma-Informed Relationship Therapist offering relationship counseling services for individuals and couples in Denver. I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University and a Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate from the Denver Family Institute. I am honored to be alongside you on your relationship journey.

Chloe miller

I started my love for relationships by founding AND, SWIPE RIGHT – a dating & relationship coaching business for millennials. While I really enjoyed this work, I realized I wanted to expand my knowledge in supporting clients from a more in-depth perspective, which led me to pursue my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University.

My philosophy originates from a Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling lens, however, I weave a trauma-informed systemic-based relational approach in all of my sessions. Nurturing my clients relationship with themself, I model and teach my clients how to listen to their inner wisdom and their heart’s desires. This approach fosters a deep awareness of yourself and how you show up in a relationship. Relationships with others are reflections of our relationship with ourselves, building a loving relationship with yourself is the first step to increasing love in your life.

We are incredibly wise and I believe we already have the answers to our questions. My job as your therapist is to elicit that wisdom and empower you with the tools to cultivate your wisdom.
My ideal clients are individuals who are open to learning, are collaborative and are committed to healing their relational wounds so they can open themselves to finding/experiencing love and healthy relationships. I enjoy nurturing clients to emotional health and supporting them in embracing healthy loving relationships.

My clients have described me as empathetic, intuitive, compassionate, supportive, light-hearted, and deeply versed in healthy relationship boundaries. I would describe myself as an effective communicator, a balance between sensitive and strong, and an advocate for those healing and recovering from abusive/toxic relationships.

Additionally, I bring elements of improv comedy into my work when the opportunity presents itself. As a professionally trained Second City Improv Comedian, I believe comedy, humor, and a little bit of playfulness are incredibly potent and can be some of the most rewarding elements of relational healing. Laughter can be the brightest light during the darkest of times and a little bit of well-timed humor is magical and pure.

Chloe miller

Relationship Therapy

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I believe love is a fundamental human right. With many different interpretations of love, my passion for helping clients understand their definition of love and be aware of how that impacts their relationship, has led me to holistically support clients in the dating and relationship space. I do this by fostering a safe space to heal relationship wounds and explore deepest relationship desires, while supporting individuals and couples in strengthening their vulnerability and safety. This sacred work builds confidence that empowers clients to create healthy relationship boundaries, be more aware of their own needs and desires, all while maintaining a healthy relationship with themselves.

My Specialties


Dating & Relationships

Becoming aware of your relationship to yourself is crucial. By creating a healthy relationship with themselves, I help my clients build a healthy relationship together. We can work through loneliness, painful ruptures, and repeated patterns. This service can be fostered through individual and couples counseling


Healing Complex Trauma

I’m a Level One NARM Therapist (NeuroAffective Relational Model), an early developmental and complex-trauma trauma-informed model. Working to heal early developmental wounds and/or complex trauma paves a way for trust and secure attachment to develop within ourselves and with others.


Transpersonal Support

I’m a certified mindfulness instructor, a certified Reiki Master, and an advanced Energy Healer. When therapeutically aligned with client, I curate and apply transpersonal practices to foster healing from the inside out. Using the Chakra system as a map, I focus on aligning the mind, the body, and the spirit to create a sense of wholeness for my clients.

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