Relationship Counseling in Denver : A Modern Approach to Love, Connection & Intimacy

What makes Modern Love Counseling in Denver unique? We have committed our lives to supporting ourselves, each other and our clients from getting stuck in the endless responsibilities and unattainable expectations of our society. We recognize the mixed messaging of society is ultimately denying us of meaningful and deep connections with others and ourselves.

In a generation where standards, roles, sexuality, gender, rights, dating, and marriage have all been redefined, the resources for building self worth and strengthening trusting relationships are limited (and can be confusing!) We wanted to offer a more modern approach to mental health, self care and relationship enhancement for clients who are looking for a professional, real and collaborative approach to traditional counseling.

Modern love counseling

First and foremost, we are imperfectly human, but we honor and support each other as much as we support our clients.

As modern women and relationship therapists, our team understands the rewards, as well as the challenges of exploring intimate relationships. We are committed to supporting our clients in gaining more insight, authenticity and tools to empower their innate right to self love and loving relationships, no matter how conflicting societal messages are.

It is important for us to help recreate the standards for our modern-day relationships, as well as refresh the stigma of “therapists” and “counseling.” We want to help our clients design a higher quality of life for themselves and their connections. Whether single and exploring, dating or committed, we can all relate to relationship’s unique challenges, which is why we all feel passionate about the work we do! With our specialities, education and life experiences, we can help you and/or your partner(s) achieve realistic goals to living more purposefully, trusting, and secure.

We believe we have an advantage of combining our clinical Master’s Degrees that inform us of professional ethics and mental health, with a blend of modern coaching techniques that assist our clients in making change. We also expose our authentic selves in session, so you always know you can trust the human of us, as well as the therapist in us.

As Modern Relationship Therapists, we consider ourselves LGBTQIA+ friendly and culturally sensitive. Our team of Master’s level therapists, also believe that you are the expert to your own life, which makes us more of trusty co-pilots on your intricate journey. We can offer tools, collaborate and offer homework. We can support you with seeing things from different perspectives, help guide you to reach your goals, and lovingly hold space for difficult emotions and conversations. Our main goal is to give you the safety and validation that you are missing, as well as support you in healing, trusting and building a more passionate relationship with yourself and others.

We may all have different styles, approaches and personalities, but all in all, we are a supportive group of women who believe in the power of vulnerability and self awareness. Sessions with us may include tears and discomfort, but also laughter and inspiration. We are committed to growing along side you.

Each of us offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to allow you to ask questions about relationship counseling in Denver and to get a sense of how we work.

We offer Relationship Counseling in Denver, Couples CounselingSex TherapyBusiness Partnership Coaching, Counseling for Therapist, Individual Counseling, Spiritual/Depth Counseling, EMDR and more.

Couples Counseling: Build a deeper connection, strengthen intimacy and build authenticity in your relationship. Build the safety and trust that is crucial for exposing your vulnerabilities. Perfect for couples who have a great relationship, but would like the tools to get more connected and closer. Couples therapy is also great for couples in need of repairing past hurt.

Individual & Relationship Counseling: Establish a deeper meaning in yourself and feel confident in who you are. Build comfort in being vulnerable with others and strengthen (or create) intimacy in your relationships. Perfect for individuals wanting to explore themselves deeper and become more congruent with their meaning of life. Also perfect for individuals wanting to repair from past trauma that is holding them back from feeling safe in the world.

Sex Therapy: Build a deeper sexual connection with your partner that feels trusting, safe and pleasurable. Sex therapy can also support individuals in search of their own sexual conflicts or issues. Perfect for individuals and couples wanting to enhance their sexual connection by removing unwanted barriers, and/or who are interested in exploring their authentic sexual selves.

Business Partnership Coaching: As business partners, it is crucial to understand how to communicate, support and trust one another when building your empire together. Perfect for business owners who are just starting the process of building their business together or for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to build better skills to effectively communicate longterm.

EMDR: (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy method that enables people to heal from the symptoms of emotional distress from trauma.

Relationship Counseling in Denver | Modern Love Counseling in Denver offers virtual sessions and limited in person sessions for adults in Colorado.

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