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Sex Therapy in Denver

Our take on Sex Therapy in Denver specializes in all things sexual wellness. We support couples, individuals and moresomes wanting to enhance and deepen their understanding of their sexuality, learn and explore their sexual selves, as well as strengthen their sexual experience(s).

Sex therapy in Denver offers support with an individual, couple or moresome setting. Through an integrated approach, our clinicians guide the exploration of sex and sexuality into other forms of self exploration. Sexuality and intimacy are often a core component of many people’s quality of life and identity. Despite this fact, over the course of a lifetime most people have blockes around some component of their sexual and intimate needs.

We are deeply committed to providing an accepting, sex-positive and non-judgmental space for all couples and individuals experiencing issues that affect their relationships, intimacy and communication.

Our clinicians are also well versed in supporting individuals and couples amidst sexual orientation, expression, identity or gender related inquiries, processing different stages of coming out, or experiencing issues with family, cultural or religious issues.

Sex Therapy in Denver

What is our take on Sex Therapy?  Through an integrated approach, our therapists  incorporate the exploration of sex and sexuality into other forms of self awareness. We believe sex and sexuality can be powerful tools in building connection to yourself and to others. Our take on sex therapy focuses on the holistic wellbeing, which encompasses sexuality, your relationship to your body and your mindset about pleasure. 

Most of us have a preconceived belief about gender, the act of sex and/or pleasure. Most of these beliefs could use some reprogramming, as our belief systems are often what is hindering us the most from experiencing true sexual wellness and pleasure. Our therapists can help you explore, enhance, heal and accept you authentic sexual self.  

As Intimacy and Relationship Therapists in Denver, some of the most common concerns we can help you with are:

Our approach to sex therapy in Denver

Having fantasies, feelings, and desires related to sex are common human experiences. Many people struggle with aspects of their sexual desires, sexual behaviors, or intimacy with themselves and their partners all due to their beliefs around “normal sexuality.”  Many of us were never provided sex-positive or affirming education about our bodies, our functioning, and/or our birthright to experience pleasure. Our take on sex therapy offers a space for providing accurate information and education, as well as focuses on guiding you through various ways of learning more self awareness and self love. Sex therapy is pleasure focused and sex-positive with the goal of supporting clients in exploring and discovering their own unique understanding of sexual connection, acceptance, and authenticity. We can support individuals, couples and moresomes.

We help people answer questions like…

Sex therapy FAQs

Through a sex-positive, warm and welcome approach, we can support couples and individuals wanting to enhance and deepen their understanding of their own selves, gender, dsyfunctions, confusions and traumas all related to sex and sexuality . We can help through education and talk therapy, as well as provide exercises and activities to do outside of session in the privacy of your own home.

Sex Therapy is for anyone, really! More specifically, sex therapy can be helpful to someone who is curious about their own sexuality or gender, someone who has experienced sexual trauma and/or someone who is interested in enhancing their sex life.

Sex Therapy is similar to standard therapy except that the therapist views the work through a sex positive lens and offers a permissive space to speak openly about topics related to sex and intimacy. Early sessions often include a thorough sexual history where your therapist will learn as much as they can about your beliefs, values, and experiences with sex. Sex therapists often offer specific techniques for “homework” between sessions to help incorporate the experiential aspects of sex and intimacy that cannot be realized in session. 

As any type of therapy, sex therapy works for those who are ready to explore possible topics that may feel uncomfortable. Clients who are ready to end their sex therapy sessions often report improved sexual self confidence and increased sexual self awareness.