New Parent(s) Counseling | Reconnect with Yourself and Each Other Again

New Parent(s) Counseling | Whether you have one child or ten, the demands of your responsibilities may feel endless. Maybe you’re struggling with identity or even just finding the time to reconnect as a couple. You love each other and your family very much, but sometimes you feel like you’ve lost your essence completely.

Or… maybe you are curious about the potential of having a child and you and your partner aren’t quite on the same page.

You can expect to feel safe, supported and accepted in our sessions, while we help you both break down irrational fears or expectations, as well as help you both establish more balance in your lives again.

More specifically, we can help with:

  • Dissatisfaction in Quality of Life
  • Dissatisfaction in Quality of Relationship/Sex Life
  • Family Trauma and Triggers Related to Being a New Parent
  • Stressors of Child Rearing
  • Aligning of Parental Roles and Styles
  • Seeking Clarity About Making The Decision to Have Children
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Self-Esteem Issues / Lack of Confidence
  • Adoption Related Concerns
  • Loss of Pregnancy
  • Traumatic Childbirth
  • Child Transitions
  • Loss of Identity
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Extended Family
  • Cultural / Racial / Religious Related Issues
  • Sexual Issues or Insecurities and Performance
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Detachment to Body, Child and/or Partner
  • Emotional Withdrawals / Outbursts
  • Post Partum
  • Self Acceptance
  • Emotional Processing
  • Work/Life Balance
  • “Gender” Roles
  • Career Issues / Establishing Goals
  • “Mom Guilt”
  • Shame
  • Discomfort with Social Interactions / COVID Related Issues
  • Attachment “Issues”
  • Isolation
  • Starting Over / Career / Relationship / Social Group

How much does New Parent Counseling in Denver Cost?

Individual Counseling in Denver : Sessions are 55 minutes long and cost $95-250 per session depending on which therapist you choose to work with. Learn more about our Counseling fees.

We specialize in issues involving relationships and offer Individual Counseling in Denver. We also offer a free 15 minute over the phone consultation.  Please contact us for more information. As modern therapists, we consider ourselves LGBTQIA2SP friendly and culturally sensitive to all individual’s diversity.