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Hi! I’m Veronica Walton, LMFT (She/Her/Hers). As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am passionate about supporting clients in their journey to deepen and connect with all parts of themselves and the people most important to them.  

Veronica Walton

I have training in Emotion Focused Therapy and Level 1 certification in the Gottman Method of couples therapy, which I utilize in my work with couples. I also have training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy to address various experiences of wounding and trauma with individuals. I also integrate Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness techniques into my approach.

I work with adults to address issues of attachment, dating struggles, preventative relationship building, deepening connection, conflict resolution, improving self-esteem, family of origin wounds, and trauma. I especially enjoy working with the queer community to support relationship issues, connection enhancement, premarital preparation, and identity, sexuality, and gender exploration.

My sessions operate from a collaborative and co-led stance, where I serve as a mirror, guide, and clinical-based relationship expert, while my clients act as the expert of their world, and who hold the ownership and accountability for their relationship and/or life. In unison, we explore together what’s happened in the past, how you’re being impacted now, and what you want your future to become. I encourage clients to push the edges of their comfort zone with a gentle and supportive hand, where I challenge harmful patterns, perceived norms and ingrained beliefs to present possibility and curiosity for the future, allowing clients to feel empowered to choose what feels most fulfilling to them. My style is personable, compassionate, grounding, and humorous; I show up authentically to provide an environment for clients to practice engaging with themselves and others vulnerably, respectfully, and curiously.

Beginning therapy is the start of a meaningful investment. Aside from the financial, you are investing your time, energy, and vulnerability in the process. My ideal clients are committed to attending sessions as their most raw, authentic selves. They take ownership of the therapeutic work and are honest, reflective, and inquisitive about their inner world. I work to walk alongside my clients with care and curiosity as we dive deep to explore and understand all parts of yourself and your relationships to foster and maintain deep connection and create meaning.

I am honored to be included in your journey toward internal healing and relational fulfillment, and work with you to actualize the hopes you’ve longed for in your relationship with yourself and others. Outside of the therapy office, you can find me skiing, camping, backpacking, climbing, watching reality tv, and playing (and winning) all the board games.

Veronica Walton

Relationship & Trauma Therapy

Attachment & Bonds

I utilize attachment as a framework for my practice with both individuals and couples. The understanding of early relational experiences and how that informs clients’ relational functioning in adulthood provides meaningful information to identify ways individuals embrace or abandon themselves and the ways couples turn toward (or away from) each other. By understanding the various cycles or loops that keep us stuck, frustrated, or disconnected, we can begin to reconstruct our relationships with intention in a way that rejuvenates and brightens connection, deepens acceptance, and strengthens resiliency.

My Specialties


Relationship Therapy

Learn how to improve communication, understand and redirect cycles of disconnection, and deepen security and understanding. My approach utilizes both a top-down and bottom-up approaches to support connection strengthening and communication skill building so clients can feel closer and more intimate in their relationships, and authentic to their sense of self. 



I practice from a social-justice, feminist, trauma-informed, and systemic lens to honor and acknowledge power and privilege as important contextual factors to how individuals and couples experience and function in their relationships. As a result, I especially enjoy and connect to my work with queer individuals and couples as they navigate a wide range of goals, including identity and sexuality exploration, dating, premarital/preventative relationship deepening, and connection enhancement.


Attachment & EFT

Through identifying early, childhood experiences, we develop a deepened understanding of what clients’ fear, hope for, need, and expect in themselves, their relationships, and the world around them. In the context of couples therapy, we bring awareness to the co-created cycles these individual attachment-based narratives and experiences create. 

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