About Kristina Zakir, MA, mft-c

Relationship & Individual Therapy

Let's Talk about finding comfort

Hey there! My name is Kristina Zakir (She/Her) and I’m a Relationship Therapist. I strive to help clients find comfort in their discomfort while on their beautifully messy therapeutic journey. Together we can create a safe space in our sessions where you can explore your past to present and everything in between. Whether you’re seeking individual or couples therapy, I am here to help you feel supported. 

Kristina zakir

I am a Florida Native who has found herself in the Mile High City. How did I end up here? After dreaming of this hypothetical life in Colorado, my family and I took the leap and moved here in 2020. Right at the start of the pandemic! Navigating how to start a life in a new place with my husband, and our toddler was tough at times, but thanks to the midwestern charm many Coloradans have, we felt quickly at home. 

I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida with my Master’s in Counseling. I double majored and specialized in Marriage & Family therapy, and School Counseling. I have experience working with couples from all walks of life, and individuals from teenagers to adults. Deep connection excites me. The minute I sit down with you and hear your story, I become your number one reader. I have always been an “in my feelings” type of person. I was labeled “sensitive” as a kid but as I grew into my own I became aware of my empathic ability and I learned to nurture this gift throughout my career.

My ideal clients are those who don’t take themselves too seriously but are serious enough to put in the work and time to reach all their desires in and out of our sessions. They are set on making changes in their lives and are open to being vulnerable and digging past the surface.

You can expect our sessions to be casual, sometimes humorous, and close (on your terms). Connecting with you first is my priority, once you feel comfortable we will take a walk through your past to help me (your partner—if you’re here for couples therapy) get the whole picture of who you are today. In couples therapy sessions you can expect something similar. The lovely part of our couple’s session is you get to witness your partner grow while on this journey with you. 

Outside of being a therapist, you can find me getting into mischief with my toddler, getting my hands on all the coffee my husband and I can find around town, or on my couch getting way too emotionally invested in the lives of the contestants on the Bachelor. 

Kristina zakir

Relationship & Individual Therapy

Finding strength in vulnerability

For many of us, the pandemic forced us to pivot in our lives more times than we would like to admit. It can be challenging to face huge transitional life changes on your own. If there is anything I can promise you, I strive to meet you where ever you are in your life in a validating and empathetic way. Whether it is navigating becoming a new sleep-deprived parent, a settled couple who has been together for years and looking to deepen their relationship; or an individual seeking the meaning of their life. Whatever it is, I want to be there for you. 

My Specialties


Relationship therapy

Together, we will work towards healing & deepening your personal, romantic or familial relationships. Learn healthy & effective ways to communicate & become aware of behavioral patterns holding you back.


Taking that next step

Newly engaged? Questions about commitment? Struggling to have those BIG discussions like marriage, kids, the future? Let’s dive into all your worries and big questions together to help you feel more confident and aligned with your partner as you enter this next big chapter of your life, together.


Adjusting to Parenthood

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart, nor does it have to be lonely. We will unload and process what is keeping you up at night (other than your LO), and come up with ways to help you feel more grounded and supported.

Let's Connect!

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This Gives Us A Chance To Talk About Some Of Your Goals And Ensure That I Am The Right Therapist To Help You Reach Them.