About Lauren Aldridge, MA, MFT-C

Individual & Relationship Therapy

Let’s talk about Finding harmony

Hello! I’m Lauren Aldridge, MA, MFT-C (she/her/hers).

I am passionate about understanding the human experience and believe my work as a therapist is to serve as a guide in that journey. I believe the root of all problems can be traced to our attachments- our connection with others (or lack thereof), as well as our relationship to self. I work with individuals and couples and provide an easy going, but direct space to explore and honor whatever my clients are looking for. 

My areas of focus include attachment, trauma, intimacy, and somatic work. My foundation is rooted in viewing these through a systemic sociocultural lens. I am intrigued by methods of Gestalt therapy and Internal Family Systems.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Human Development from the University of North Texas, and recently completed my Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Colorado Denver. When I am not seeing clients, you can find me (usually) outside, spending down time with my cat, Raz, or painting.

My ideal clients are seekers. They crave harmony. They seek connection even when it has felt scary or painful in the past. They desire finding beauty where there has been pain and want to be able to laugh off the absurdities of the world.

It takes courage to do this work, but together, we can find joy in the journey as well.

Individual & Relationship Therapy

Let go of comfort zones

I am a person who leans into discomfort and allows life to take me where it is meant to go. I show up with my clients as kind and nonjudgmental, but also directive. During a session, I try to find the artful balance of warmth and playfulness while challenging people in an honest way. I think challenging others through compassion is the most caring act a person can do. No matter where our sessions take us, we will be real in this together. I look forward to finding harmony with you. 

My Specialties


Relationship Therapy

I work with individuals and couples seeking tools for connection, communication, and healthier patterns. Defining goals for yourself or your partnership gives us a path to explore for healing and growing intimacy


Connecting Past, Present and Future

Through a holistic lens, we can explore areas of healing from the past that are still causing impact, integrate them with the present and align them with goals for moving forward in the future.


Radical Acceptance

Cultivating and deepening our authenticity can help us to feel more present, grounded, and connected. Accepting all aspects of ourselves- the good and the bad- is one of the biggest keys in the healing process.

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