Partnership Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Denver, CO : Startup and Business Development

Denver is growing at such a vast rate and the amount of startups have increased significantly in the last 5 years. According to NPR, startups fail all the time, “Relationship problems between co-founders are among the biggest reasons companies don’t make it.” Partnership Coaching for Entrepreneurs can create a safe space to adopt the necessary tools to create and sustain longterm success and values.

Entrepreneurship can be extremely stressful and spark emotional insecurities and frustrations we didn’t even know we had. When you step off the corporate train and start creating your own path, you are inevitably walking into relentless uncertainty and risk. It’s often difficult to know how to manage these stressors and adapt to constant change. Especially when adding a friend, confidant and/or partner into the mix. You may find that your business model is succeeding with flying colors, but one component to your success, the relationships within the team, may not be moving as smoothly. This is common, as relationships are complex and with entrepreneurship, it’s easy to over step unclear boundaries as you are trying to keep your own head afloat.

Business partnerships can be difficult when your team may have equally important but different motivations, visions and/or way of delegating tasks. One or both parties may start to get frustrated, build resentments and potentially start to experience conflict that could create issues that limit the overall success of the business.

Business partnership relationships are vital to the success of your business. Partnership coaching for entrepreneurs can help facilitate relational and business growth and overall success. By building compromise, understanding and effective communication, all parties will feel appreciated, respected and valued for their contributions and ideas.

More specifically, Alysha can help you and your business team:

  • Set specific goals for your business and work through conflicts or miscommunications about how to achieve these goals.
  • Develop specific strategies for achieving these goals with set agreements and clear boundaries of individual roles/expectations and working environments.
  • Create a safe space for you and your team to work through conflict or avoid conflict by giving you all a balanced, un-biased and action focused perspective that promotes mutual respect, validation and support. (This can be monthly).
  • Achieve more successful communication and listening techniques to sustain the longevity of your business success and overall relationship as a team, as well as with customers.

What is Coaching and how is it different from Counseling?

Coaching involves a series of professional sessions that help you and your professional team achieve mutual goals effectively. Although emotion and communication are part of these coaching sessions, unlike therapy, coaching does not require a personal psychological process or need to identify any specific dysfunction. The goals of coaching are more specific and professionally driven to support optimum success within your business and overall professional relationship.

Who might benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for a small team of founders (up to 4 people) of any business looking to:

  • Create and maintain the same business goal(s) and values, while creating future goals and plans
  • Improve their focus, motivation and skill building within the group or partnership while effectively strategizing and planning for future
  • Create and establish roles, work/life balance and priorities
  • Feel more appreciated, safe and confident within the team or partnership
  • Improve and maintain interpersonal communication and listening skills
  • Have a non-biased, confidential and safe sounding board to hold team accountable and provide tools to work through stressors, misunderstandings and differing objectives as a balanced team

How much does Partnership Coaching for Entrepreneurs cost?

Partnership coaching costs $250 per 55 minute sessions.  *Longer sessions may be accommodated by request. 

A monthly meeting with your entire team can be accommodated at owner’s location for an additional fee. Alysha also offers business development trainings specific to relationship building, active listening/communication, and problem solving for local businesses. Please contact for more information on how this service may benefit your business.

For more information on Partnership Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Denver, Colorado, please contact Alysha.