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Individual & Couples Therapy

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Hello! I’m Kristen Oliver, MA, MFT-C (she/her) and I’m a relationship and individual therapist. My goal in therapy is to help my clients connect with their authentic experience, increase congruence, expand communication skills, and develop an understanding of how their nervous system plays a role in their struggles and well-being. I am passionate about witnessing my clients elevate and align with their morals, values, and purpose.

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My ideal clients are expansive thinkers looking to challenge stuck patterns, behaviors and thought processes. Clients who are open to trying something new in a supportive environment work well with my direct and honest approach. If you have curiosity about your behaviors and responses, and would like to make sense of and change your world, I’d be a great fit!

Therapy with me is collaborative and explorative. I employ curiosity, intuition, and pondering to assist clients in deepening the breadth of their experience. I utilize my authenticity as a means of helping you to allow your authenticity to show. You can expect to feel seen, heard, and held emotionally in our sessions and to walk away with more understanding and information. I strive to see your humanity and to help make sense of your experience.

I am a polyvagal-informed therapist who integrates the nervous system process into my practice as a means of creating sustained change. I assist my clients in understanding their nervous system queues, triggers, and ways to regulate them as a means of healing. Scientifically, our nervous systems speak to one another through neuroception and I utilize this felt sense in my body to help my clients connect with their bodily responses and sort through the noise of life.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Business with a concentration in accounting from Colorado State University. I worked in the corporate world of banking for several years and realized it did not light me up or contribute to my higher self. I chose to return to school, to move toward congruence and pursue my childhood dream of being a therapist. I obtained my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University. I have training in Emotional Focused Therapy, Polyvagal Theory as well as advanced training in Sex Therapy. I also have been a client in therapy (individual and couples) and understand what it is like to be on the other side of the chair. My understanding and lived experiences in different areas of life contribute to my ability to grasp my clients’ experiences and empathize with the demands of life.

In my downtime I enjoy hiking, building puzzles, traveling, yoga, conversing with my husband, cuddling my kitties, and contemplating to continue my self-development.

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Individual & Couples Therapy

go in to go out

I will help you (and your partner) attune to your inner world(s) so you’re better able to attune to yourself and your relationship. I believe we all carry notions about ourselves, others, and the world that act as filters for the information we take in. Freedom and empowerment can be found in understanding what these filters are, how they were built, and how to change them. I will support you in learning how to challenge yourself in a kind, meaningful way that contributes to your growing authenticity and congruence. The more we settle in our truths the better equipped we are to be with others in their truth. We must go in to understand ourselves in order to go out and understand others.


My Specialties


Nervous system regulation

​Our nervous systems work hard to keep us safe and detect threats. When dysregulation occurs, we may be sensing a threat when there isn’t one and responding accordingly. I work with clients to better understand their dysregulation and make moves toward regulation so they can better show up for themselves and others.


Relational & Sex Therapy

​Relationships are complex and can be confusing at times. My goal is to help make sense of the confusion, frustration, and hurt. We will work together to move toward understanding, healing, empathy, and authenticity. This can include sex and sexuality as these are key parts of the human experience and romantic relationships. I’m an open-minded, sex-positive and,LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist.


Spiritual expansiveness

Connecting with a belief system that resonates with you is important to facilitate sustained change. I can work with you to make sense of what you believe (or don’t believe) and how this might integrate with your morals and values to better understand how you want to engage with the world.

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